Video Poker On Mobile 2022

The classic game of video poker is an oldie but goodie and excels on mobiles from Android to iPhone smartphones and tablet devices. As the name suggests, video poker is electronic gambling just like video slots. You play video poker on mobile Apps or through online sites directly from your browser like Chrome, Safari or Brave.

If have you played poker before you will recognise the card combinations that pop up during video poker. UK mobile casinos offer video poker on mobile, but is not uncommon for these to be called poker. Very often today if there is so-called ‘real poker’ it is called ‘live poker’. All tad confusing perhaps yes, but we assure you that the juice is worth the squeeze.

Best Video Poker Casinos

Video Poker is available today in most online casinos on mobile. The quality does vary a lot. Below you will find the casinos that are worth opening an account with to get going with video poker on mobile:

How to play video poker

When playing video poker on mobile, the better your hand is, the more money machine pays out to you. It is as simple as that! Basically, the game plays out as follows:

You select a mobile casino with video poker and start the game. Then you must select either ‘deal’ or ‘draw’. On your mobile screen will pops up five cards, randomly drawn from a standard card deck via an electronic simulation. You then select which of the five cards you want to keep by clicking on the on the ‘Hold’ button. Then press the buttons ‘deal’ / ‘draw’ buttons again. The game’s built-in computer intelligence randomly replaces the remaining cards. Your final poker hand will now be visible on your mobile phone screen. You will know if you have won (keep playing or cash out), otherwise move on OR just start over again!

If you already been have given a complete poker hand such as a royal flush, remember to press ‘HOLD; in order to keep all five cards, before you click ‘Deal’ / ‘Draw’ again. This way no card is replaced, and you can safely wait until the game is finished and then claim your win!

Play Video Poker on Mobile

As we nudge towards 2020, mobile phone use has become the norm. More and more people are playing mobile casino. In most developed european countries, mobile gaming has actually surpassed desktop according to recent statistics. In a couple of years the casino industry has gone mobile crazy! Leo Vegas are truly innovative when it comes to mobile gaming, although most gaming companies have been quick to adapt – today most all online casinos offer a solid product on mobile phones.

Video Poker on Mobile is no exception. Mr Green, ComeOn! and BGO are three of several casinos that offer a smooth Video Poker experience on smartphones and tablets.

Old traditions

Old habits die hard and whilst you could easily think that video poker is something fresh and modern. The fact is that the fundamentals of the game have been around for donkeys years! If you can take a good, hard look at video poker, you can see that the game is related to the so-called slot machines that were developed in the late 1800s in the United States. At that time games had 50 cards that rolled on four wheels. Now usually there are 52 cards in a deck, but to reduce the player’s chances of getting a ladder a decision was made to remove the ten of spades and the jack of spades.

Perhaps the name Liberty Bell will sound familiar to you? Liberty Bell is the name of the very first real slot machine that came as early as 1899. You may wonder what it has with video poker to do? The fact is that even if this slot machine is not poker, it has had a big impact on the shaping of video poker as we know it today.

In the 1970’s a tool was developed something that would revolutionise the casino world. The computer was born! At this time video poker as we know it today started to take shape. Dale Electronics was the name of the company that in 1970 launched the machine ‘Poker-Matic’. It took nine years, and then came the first real video poker machine called ‘Draw Poker’. Once this machine hit the market, video poker’s popularity hit full throttle.

Prior progress

Mobile technology in recent years has evolved at in dramatic fashion and at an explosive speed. Video poker on mobile is no exception. Video poker on mobile has seen good progress thanks to the rapid internet connections and top software providers like NetEnt nurturing the game. Many millennials take playing online casino for granted. Although there was a time when playing games such as video poker on your mobile device on your way to university as Biggie Smalls said; ‘it was all a dream’.

Video Poker Online

Video poker then has made been part of the incredible casino journey through the years. Today, the game has been further developed and is available in various different versions. Some versions are designed to be a little bit more difficult for those looking for a greater challenge. Other versions feature several different bonus games and prizes, all with very diverse hand combinations.

Video Poker has earned it’s spurs and along with a select few other slot machine games is one of the most sought after casino games to play online. You will also find Video Poker taking centre stage at physical casinos. Although there are often hundreds of machines on offer on a casino floor what you will find is that right next to Video Poker will be people jostling trying to play and win money. Luckily for you you the have the advantage of having the option to play Video Poker online at home on desktop or whilst skiving at work. Or on the train via your mobile phone. Or at night when it just goes boring programs on TV… The combinations are endless! You have the ability to play as and when you want, as long as you have internet access the world is very much your oyster. You do not have to queue up, fight the crowds or listen to the crappy noise that comes with joe public! There is no need to dress up in something special. Instead, you can curl up with your tablet on the couch with a cup of tea or a glass of red wine and treat yourself to a moment in front of a virtual video poker machine. You can experience have winning cash from the comfort of your own pyjamas!

Classic poker

As the name suggests, video poker is a game that is based on the classic game of poker. So it is more than just a game of luck then. The most popular form of the game features ‘Jacks or Better’ & ‘Deuces Wild’ and you can more or less find these variants of video poker available at every good mobile casino. If you compare video poker with its cousin, the slot machine, there is are substantial differences. As with poker, what you will find is that you have a strategic advantage when playing video poker. Mathematics on a certain level overtake both chance and luck. If you want, you have the ability to play multiple hands at once, either at the same or on a number of different machines when playing online. With video poker what you will find is that it is hard to get bored. The thrill is immense and if you play a lot that you will probably get to the stage where you can experience playing multiple hands on multiple machines which means lightening fast video poker. All this gives you the chance of winning big cash prizes at Usain Bolt speed.

If you have not tried video poker before then actually the best way to start playing is online. This is because playing online allows you to practice for free. Something that at land based casinos is a bot more tricky to say the least. Another thing with land based casinos is that average payout is not more than 75 percent meaning the casino wins approximately 25-30 percent of your bet with each hand you play. This is according to research based on figures calculated using millions of players playing land based video poker. Online casinos have the upper hand here because they do not have to finance staff, a decadent casino lounge and reception suite, countless rows of physical gambling machines and security guards more or less around the clock. Because online casinos do not have all of these costs, they can instead refund more – usually around 98 percent.

Video Poker

As we touched on earlier, there are a number of different variations of video poker. The variations are easy to spot because of how they are designed in terms of styling, graphics and so on. Usually in a game you as the player decide the amount of money you want to play with. Then you will see five cards on the screen in front of you. Now, you choose which cards you want to keep out of the five. Next, the remaining cards are replaced with new ones. Then, depending on which of the various poker hands that you have, you will be paid out any winnings on the basis of a predetermined table. Your play will be based on this concept, but keep in mind that the games may do differ slightly in terms of looks and rules.

Jacks or better

One of the most most popular and commonly found video poker games called ‘Jacks or Better’ is actually played without the joker card. With a game of ‘Jacks or Better’, a poker hand with a pair of jacks is a hand to watch out for. In the many variants of video poker the role of the joker card changes a lot. Odds and payout structure will throw up some smoke and will most likely be different per table. Some forms of video poker also throw so-called ‘wild cards’ into the mix. Wild cards usually mean that cards can become any card. Some games also have a feature called ‘double or nothing’. The video poker slots with this on offer give you, the player, the opportunity to either double your winnings or lose it.

No psychology

A significant difference between video poker and regular poker is that video poker lacks the human psychology aspect. With video poker you are dealing 100% with a robot whereas with regular online poker this is not the case. Sure the deck is computer generated at random, but you are still playing vs human players (and usually chatting with them in chat too). When playing video poker the only thing that you actually have the chance to influence are the cards you wish to keep and how much money you play with.

Does all this make you want a crack at a game of video poker on mobile? It is easy to find out if video poker is the game for you. Basically all mobile casinos offer decent versions of video poker. Find the mobile casino site from the list above that you feel most comfortable with and start playing! Perhaps you will be lucky enough to win some money to go to Vegas with and play for real?!!