One of the trends you will encounter at a mobile casino online is slots, video slots, or slot machines to give them their full name in English. In the online casino world, slots on mobile have become popular and are considered to be the most played category of casino games. Likewise, free spins on slots are the most sought-after casino bonus for the majority of UK players. Thousands of slots for mobile can be found at online casinos for iPhone and Android. Development of physical slot machines and VR slots takes place alongside mobile slot games.

History of Mobile Slots

Slot machines were born when mobile gaming and smartphones were a distant dream. The first slot machine was developed more than 100 years ago and most UK players recognise them as fruity machines. There are land-based slot machines today and they can be found in English pubs. Old school physical slot machines took a pull on a lever to get the reels to start spinning. The symbols that landed determined whether you won and how much the winnings from the slot were. Today, slot development has come so far that most land-based slot machines are digital with screens.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Slots Won UK Hearts

There are numerous reasons why slots have become the most popular games at mobile casinos in the UK.

1. Free spin bonuses work on slot games. They were designed to give you the option to play new slots for free without risking your own money.

2. Each player and each spin has an equal chance of winning. It doesn’t matter when, where or how you spin the reels. That’s the beauty of slots on desktop Pc and mobile. Free spins usually offer less max payout than playing for real money. But for slot newbies, it is important to find a slot that you enjoy the general look and feel of by playing with free spins before you start depositing real money online in mobile casinos.

3. What determines whether you win on a slot is entirely random and it doesn’t matter if you grab a free spins bonus or not. This is the reason why slots are incredibly exciting.

4. The gaming experience you get with slots is exciting because, unlike games of skill, it is not possible to predict results in advance in any way, shape, or form. Different types of mobile slots provide different experiences and you can find slots that suit you and your mobile phone best. Everything from how many reels, lines, and pay lines can be chosen. In terms of theme important to find a slot with an artistic theme and suitable background music that matches your vibe for the best gaming experience.

5. Mobile slots are easy to start playing. Zero gambling knowledge is required. All you need to play is to bet with real money or bonus money and spin the reels. Often you hear winner stories of people who a claim free spins bonus, then deposit a few pounds and become big winners having never spun a slot before!

Which Mobile Slot Game To Try?

In short, a mobile slot with a free spins bonus attached to it is what you should be looking for. Rarely do you get the chance to use free spins on any mobile slot in the casino lobby. Although, sometimes you get a selection of two or three slots to choose from. Usually promoted slots are new slots, old classics, or big-name slots like South Park. But there are many slots to choose from and which mobile slot game you try is up to you.

Generally, classic mobile slots consist of three reels and resemble slot machines, and often feature symbols like classic fruits or modern takes on them. For older players feeling you will have little trouble finding a slot that takes you back in time and evokes memories.

Advanced mobile slots usually have five reels, instead of the three found on the classic slots. Five reel slots add fun and enhance your gaming experience. Wild symbols often play a part, replacing other symbols on the reels - increasing your chances of winning. There may also be bonus symbols, often called scatter symbols, that activate bonus games within the slot.

3D slots are the latest craze to hit mobile casinos. The development of 3D slots is well and truly underway so look out for these at pioneering mobile casinos in the UK. 3D slots are very similar to video slots but have high-quality graphics that jump out of your mobile screen! We love 3D slots because they are a step towards virtual reality and everything feels real in terms of characters, objects, and colors. A totally different experience compared to the slots of yesteryear. Whilst free spins on mobile 3D slots are a little harder to find, but they are not unheard of!

UK Mobile slot guide: Game Terms

Bonus game

One of the first terms you will encounter with slots is bonus game or bonus games. Bonus games are games inside a slot. To activate a bonus game, a certain number of special symbols must appear. When a bonus game has been opened, you move into the bonus game, and very often the screen expands, although bonus games differ slightly from game to game. Once inside the bonus game, you get a number of free spins to accumulate winnings. What you win will be presented on the screen when you exit the game.

Progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase until a player wins the grand prize. Most types of slots offer some kind of progressive jackpot, which works in a similar way to regular fixed jackpot slots only they keep increasing until they payout. The progressive jackpot prize is one that is open to all players. For every wager on the slot, a tiny percentage of the wager goes towards the progressive jackpot. This will keep rising until the payout feature in the game has been triggered. It is impossible to tell when this will be and jackpots often reach millions of pounds. As a guide, the larger a jackpot is, the closer the slot is to bumper payout.

Wild symbol

Wild symbols are the joker of slots. They are available across all slots from classic slots to modern slots and 3D slots. Wilds have become more popular with recent games as slot technology has progressed. Wild symbols function by standing in for other symbols on the slot reel. It can be any symbol and often with a wild you can get a winning pay line if the symbols land correctly.

Bet level

Bet level or stake level is the amount you choose to play for on each spin. Select a bet level you are comfortable with playing at. There is no harm in clicking around until you find something that fits your budget at that particular time. A good rule of thumb is to start with a low bet level on slots and gradually aim higher as you become more acquainted with the slot game.

Theoretical repayment / RTP

This is the theoretical payback or return to a player (known as RTP). Each slot has a certain percentage that is repaid to players and the average is about 97%. A higher payback percentage means that the probability of winning is greater. The percentage says nothing about how you can win back if you play for a certain amount.

Random number generator

All UK Gambling Commission licensed casinos feature slots with an RNG or random number generator. It ensures that the wheels land randomly every time and that it is not possible to cheat a win shady online tactics and strategies. Experienced casino players can still gain the upper hand slightly by maximising the stakes, which gives a greater chance of winning due to more paylines which equal more chances to win.


A good UK casino on mobile with free spins on slot games is the perfect option for new players looking to get into real money casino gaming on smartphone or tablet. No previous gambling or casino knowledge is required, free spins are risk free and it is easy to learn how slots work as you play through your free bonus rounds.

There are several different types of slots to try but the most popular are the classic video slots offering free spins no deposit bonuses on mobile. You can’t go far wrong with Red Tiger or NetEnt mobile slots. Cult classics like Starburst retain the original features they have always had. While remastered slots like Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, a Red Tiger slot that builds on the best features from the original Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt, have new features.