Mobile casino Play’n GOs CCO Magnus Olsson and Head of Games Charlotte Miliziano were in action welcoming Play’n GOs clients and industry friends with UK casino offerings at the Ham Yard Hotel in central London for Play’n GOs first Play n SHOW 2022.

The leading mobile content supplier’s first Play’n SHOW of 2022 allowed access to exclusive game previews (including Play n GOs roadmap 2023) and featured a Q&A session that revealed Play’n GOs regulated market formula for success. and discussed how content aids player retention on mobile, tablet and PC.

Kicking off the show, in a small but mighty theatre recently used for the latest James Bond film premiere, Olsson greeted the professional gambling crowd:

“Everyone in this room knows that the best retention strategy is to have happy players who come back and play again. This is going to sound very simplistic, but I’m a firm believer that to get happy players, you have to offer them content that is fun and entertaining first and foremost. Short-term thinking looks great on the bottom line but kills retention strategies and ends up making acquisition even more expensive. Play’n GO’s content is tailor-made for retention.

“And I’d encourage everyone in this room on the operator side to go and look at the data and think about the long term when doing so. Everyone can do aggressive promos to boost a game’s performance for a day or a week, but which games are performing well after 30 days? What about 90 days? How about 180 days?

“We see this in our own data. Our games perform great at launch as you’d expect, but they also are doing fantastically well over longer periods of time too. That’s the mark of a fun and entertaining experience, and it’s by going all-in on those titles is how you retain players.” Olsson said.

Play’n GO’s games whizz, Charlotte Miliziano introduced Play’n GOs mobile casino game titles for the rest of 2022 including themes, art, sounds, entertainment, slot mechanics plus more. A great deal of the game titles were so far ahead that most Play’n GO employees were getting a very first look at the titles too! During the Q&A session, Miliziano explained how Play’n GO manages to produce high-quality games for mobile and PC time and time again:

“We hear a lot of rumours about our game production. But I’m more than happy to reveal that we’re able to bring incredible games to the market every week because we have multiple game clans all over the world who share the same ethos and values. We all want to make awesome games because we love making and playing them! Every title we release gets the same treatment internally, and I’m really proud of the quality of the titles we bring to the market.” Charlotte Miliziano - Play’n GOs Head of Games.

All in all the event was a mesmerising display, filled with of Hollywood-style video productions and epic sound. Perhaps a hint at what future mobile slots to come will be like.

“Play’n SHOW is such a brilliant forum for us to really talk to our customers about our games, and how much heart and soul we pour into making them. I could palpably feel that those in the audience went home with a real sense of trust in Play’n GO’s ability to develop the best games in the industry, and I particularly enjoyed giving those in attendance real behind the scenes previews of games that won’t be in our official roadmap for some months to come.” Charlotte Miliziano added.

Perhaps fittingly for a London based event, major keynotes for the day focused on the UK market and UK interests. Including the review of the UK’s gambling laws and how Play’n GO is positioned to support online casinos with any changes to legislation in regulated markets such as the USA.

The final spiel of the event focused on regulated markets, such as the UK:

“Play’n GO is focused on regulated markets, and we really believe that we have everything operators need to win in those increasingly competitive jurisdictions. Play’n GO should be your number one supplier.” Olsson concluded.