Twin Spin is a modern casino game combining fantastic slot machine features in a modern form. As you might expect, this is NetEnt’s high-quality slot machine. In this game, there are diamonds, bells and seven lucky figures. The so-called Twin Reel, or the Wild Substitution feature, is an opportunity for big wins. The theme of the game has been linked to combining nostalgia, but also today’s nuances are noticeable. The sound of the game is supported, for example, by the classic slot machine style. Fun and versatility are suitable keywords to describe the game as a whole. The great potential for big winnings is guaranteed in Twin Spin!

Twin Spin Game instructions

Traditionally in slot machines you can see the paylines from left to right straight or diagonally. Nowadays also as zigzag patterns. In Twin Spin, the paylines have been replaced by winning ways. This means that the same characters in any place with three or more adjacent reels from the leftmost reel will form a winning pattern.

The player then does not select the paylines separately but the winnings will automatically come when left to get three or more of the same characters in a row. In Twin Spin the player has 243 paylines available. This also means that there are 243 different ways to win. By contrast to traditional slot machines, Twin Spin has two rolls in each round. This way you can get some great winning combinations. Wild Substitution can combine up to all rolls so that a player can win a jackpot or a whopping 2,700,000 coins! The player has a choice of one to ten bets. In addition, it is possible to adjust the coin value for itself. We recommend playing a bet of at least € 2.50 to get plump winnings. You can also play auto games and choose the maximum bet as a hot key. In addition to the normal game symbols, there are Wild patterns that replace all the symbols. Twin Spin does not have a separate Bonus Feature or Free Spins, which allows for higher winnings.

The look is colorful in Twin Spin and glamorous in Las Vegas glamor. The go-to-go music of the 70’s style sounds in the background as the sound effects play. The symbols of this great game will flicker through stops, cherry, BAR characters, diamonds, bells, WILD characters, and different colored letters. The WILD symbols work in a familiar style like jerseys, ie they replace the other characters in the game when they hit. Diamond is the most precious of the basic basic characters, as with five diamonds the player wins 1000 coins. 500 coins need 5 stops, with five BARs to win 400 coins, at 250 o’clock and cherries are needed for five 250 coins. The Twin Spin features a special Twin Reel function that takes place every round. At the start of the round and rolling the rollers, two adjacent rolls (these may be any rollers) stop at an identical result so that both have the same symbols. This can still be extended to the third, fourth or even fifth reels, which, of course, always yields only higher profits. At its best, the Twin Reel can therefore expand on all reels so that every row has the same symbols.

Twin Spin Free Spins

Twin Spin does not have a scatter symbol, so free spins are not offered. The game’s winnings can get even worse with new types of features, even though there are some special symbols. Even if the game contains free spins you can win, you can still use the free tournaments available in the game. So you can get free tours on deposit and registration from several online casinos. See below for more details on the popularity of our casinos.

Twin Spin bonuses

As mentioned, no jackpots, free spins or bonus games can be found on the game. Twin Spin focuses on the most essential features. However, this does not reduce the game’s tensions since Twin Spin offers a total of 243 ways to win and 96.6% return percentages. Twin Spin is popular because of its simplicity and its Las Vegas spirit, it is accessible to the beam right away and the player does not need to learn complex bonus rules or other irrelevant. It is also available for mobile devices as Twin Spin Touch, so the Twin Spin game can be conveniently played from your smartphone or tablet.

Twin Spin Mobile

In the mobile casino so far we do not have Twin Spines, but we strongly believe that the game will be released for mobile devices very soon, as the game has become enormously popular. So, when you are waiting to play Twin Spin on your computer and practice game blocks through that. Keep your eyes and ears open so you know when the mobile version of the game will be released. Twin Spin is not available in a mobile casino so you can not play this slot yet with Apple devices. However, you can play Slots as usual on your computer – and hopefully soon on your smartphone and tablet. You can already play several other games at the Mobile Casino! Twin Spin Slot is also not available on Android as a mobile version, but after mobile release, the situation will definitely change. Playing on mobile is really fun and easy, as you may have already noticed.

Twin Spin Final Say

Twin Spin is a wonderfully classic but still a modern video slot game where the Wild Symbols account is not as important to many wins as in many other slot games. Whether you are at home, on a bus or at a grocery store, the game will keep you in a thrilling excitement. The maximum winning of the game is as high as 270,000 coins! What can you do with that amount!

You can play Twin Spin by following our recommended online casinos. These include Casumo, NetBet, Pokerstars and Mr Q casino!