The Mega Fortune video slot certainly does what is says on the tin because you really can win a mega fortune! Mega Fortune is a Titanic game and perhaps the most famous slot game from NetEnt. Mega Fortune not only distributes millions in profits but is also famous for its luxurious design and well-made effects which ooze class. Sassy symbols come in the form everything from limousines to luxury yachts and champagne. When playing you will notice that Mega Fortune is slick in every detail and that no expense was spared in creating this game. You can literally smell the money as you spin your way through this slot machines epic journey. Mega Fortune is a slot which has paid out the most to online gamers in the history of online gaming – we’re talking millions of time! You can play Mega Fortune for free at most of the casinos we feature – it costs you nothing and you do not need to register an account. When you feel confident behind the wheel, you yourself choose which casino you want to play at with real money, there are many fine to choose from! Maybe you’re the next lucky winner to be dragged ashore, who knows? After all, you have to be in it to win it.

Where can I play Mega Fortune?

Play Mega Fortune Online and Enjoy Mega Fortune at Reputable Casinos

Mega Fortune Game Features

Mega Fortune is a video slot with a glamorous theme where you will encounter wonderful boats, champagne, precious bling and other lovely symbols on your journey. There is no doubt that if you win the big jackpot you will be able to realise many of your dreams. It has previously been awarded gain pots of several million euros so think fast, hard cash money!

Although, without it’s dreamy jackpot the Mega Fortune slot would not be so famous. Not as renowned as it is today for sure. It is basically is a relatively simple slot game without many special features. The playing field is plotted according to a classical scheme in three rows and 5 luxury roar profits wheels. On the reels you will find 25 bet lines all of which gives you profits if you line up the symbols the right place. Remember that the Mega Fortune slot does not feature the option to win both ways – so your winning combinations must be lined up from left to right and not vice versa.

The most talked-about special feature is of course the bonus game. Famous due to the mammoth pay out which is attainable. To get to the bonus game you have to get at least three of the game’s bonus symbols in a row, which happens very often. Once in the game you get from the game’s first to the third level. This rarely happens, but if you manage to get to the third level, you are a lucky winner of the Mega Fortune insane prize!

Mega Fortune Jackpot

Mega Fortune is a slot with progressive jackpot, which means that there is absolutely no limit to how much you can win. A progressive jackpot means the Jackpot will grow as long as someone is playing the machine no matter what casino you play at. And when it comes to such a popular machine as Mega Fortune you can be assured that the pot grow incredibly quickly. The are not many jackpots, but the three different jackpots that you can win seriously pay. To win one of these jackpots you have to enter a bonus round. When it comes up a wheel of fortune appears as you spin. What you need to do is to get work your way into the middle of this wheel to bring the big jackpot.

In Mega Fortune the scatter symbols will give you nice nice profits, but it is the bonus game which you need to watch out for as this can unleash the world’s biggest jackpots. Also look out for the Mega Fortune free spins which can make your free rounds very valuable.

To put it bluntly, there is no slot game on the internet which can match the magnitude of the Mega Fortune jackpot. This slot machine has an uber, almost god like, celebrity status amongst casino players in the UK and abroad. Something not so many players are aware of is that the game contains three jackpots. All of the jackpots make you a winner, however, it is in the bonus game where you can reach for the stars. You can get here if you take if you get at least 3 bonus symbols during the game. You might even get lucky and activate the bonus rounds during your free spins.

This jackpot is a so-called progressive jackpot which means it grows larger with each wager on the slot machine. It is also part of a kind of jackpot pool where all the casinos that offer NetEnts games are included, so regardless of which casino you play at you contribute to the pot. This means really crazy money is up for grabs. Worth remembering here is that is it not the casino you are playing at which will provide your winnings in full. It is a common pot from NetEnt that pays out. Because of the games appeal what you will find is that most online casinos push free free spins and bonuses out featuring the game when the jackpot is about to drop. This get’s you playing and chase after that dream win of a lifetime. Once the jackpot is hit then usually the winning casino is happy as they cash in on all sorts of free publicity and PR off the back of the win.

Big UK winners of the Mega Fortune Jackpot

Since Mega Fortune was launched (only a few years ago), many players have become millionaires in a very short space of time. Their lives have been changed forever. Never having to worry about money is something many dream of, but few will get to experience. Recently 31 year old Casumo casino player from Yorkshire in the UK won the £2,065,627 Mega Jackpot on Mega Fortune touch on the Casumo mobile App. After only his third spin he got into the fabled bonus round. He had won a £2,065,627 Mega Jackpot grand prize and became completely financially independent after that one simple spin!

Mega Fortune RTP

Mega Fortune RTP has been calculated at 96.4%. Note that an RTP varied continuously between rounds. Precisely because they are so short. For a constant RTP value of a game you have to play for a very long time.

96.4% is without doubt a very high value considering the massive jackpot lying and hiding in the gaming machine treasure chest. Usually this can lead to a lower Return to Player percentage, but tji we got.

Mega Fortune Free Spins

A simple guess is you who are reading this text, looking for the Mega Fortune free spins, and we can be pleased to tell you that you come to the right. The cool thing about this slot game is that it repeatedly breaks its own record in handing out the largest jackpot winnings on the Internet, and many of the gains have come from profits that players have received the free spins. In there are many different promotions that give you just that, and some of these deals will give you even free spins with no deposit! Check the rolling offers next game above, there are both Mega Fortune free spins and bonuses to collect. If you can not find something you like, where you need not worry. We have all the free offers available on NetEnt games on its own page here on , so then check the page to search further.

Since the free spins basically involves you as the player will get a greater gaming budget which leads to more winning chances, you never lose the use of free spins. Therefore, we recommend all our readers to never play gratissnurr- or bonuslös, when there are so many offers to take part of. There are also many chances to win free games in the gaming machine, which would usually result in gains in the double size. On this slot is a bit different, in a positive way! When you play your free rounds hit a multiplier automatically started and at every win looks to multiply your coin prizes times 5. We can really talk about a generous slot.

This is a video slot and has a feature that allows you to win Mega Fortune free spins. If you get a certain number of tax symbol you can win free spins that you can play in a special free spins round. In this round, you will also be able to get multiplier so that your potential winnings are multiplied by the multiplier value you get. Thus, you can extract large gains though not pulling the country the biggest jackpot. Free spins are one of the most popular bonuses among online casino.mega fortune

Most casinos handing out this form of bonus already new and fresh players. Some even have free spins earmarked for precisely Mega Fortune. If you can not retrieve the free spins in the casino you have chosen you will usually be able to get a deposit bonus that you can use on what games you like. You do as a deposit and pick your bonus, if you want the full bonus to hunt the jackpot on Mega Fortune so there is nothing that will stop you from this.

We are confident that you will always find decent bonuses and free spins on Starburst. A great introductory game utilised by many online casinos to get you playing. The vast majority of online casino you will find here will offer you a bonus on Starburst. At time of writing, Starburst is actually the slot that has the most welcome no deposit free spins offers vs any other game with the majority of leading online casinos in the UK today. You do not to have many free spins to be in with a shot at this simple slot. What are you waiting for? Collect free spins now so you can see what we mean! As mentioned previously, Starburst has one special bonus feature: an expanding wild symbol which triggers a re-spin. If Starburst’s bonus offering sounds a bit boring, we recommend that you check out our game reviews of other, newer and more modern slot machines. You’re sure to find a game such as South Park or Gonzo’s Quest that suits you perfectly!

Mega Fortune Bonus

The bonus game where you can win the Mega Fortune jackpot can be simply described as a classic win wheel, much like a lottery wheel or the spinning wheel in Bingolotto once. The wheel has three levels, and the first is the only coin prizes or a chance to take you to the game’s second level. In level two and three, there are also coin prizes of varying sizes, but even jackpots. The largest found at the highest level and as a rule, it provides at least 40 million when it goes out.

Should you play this machine, you should undoubtedly do it with a Mega Fortune bonus. Without a bonus you’re missing out on a twice as large gambling budget, and half as many chances to win, which could lead to miss that big jackpot prize that you could have had, if you just had more money to spend! Usually, a bonus a kind of free money that you can play casino games, but they can also come in the form of free rounds. On the side of the slot machine of this page, you can find several fine erbjudanen that give you a Mega Fortune bonus, they are certainly not rare as this is the network’s most-played slot machine.

In virtually all casino sites that abound on the Swedish market offering the players a Mega Fortune bonus, either for free or with a deposit required. Why can you ask? Well it depends on the slot machine alone can attract hundreds of new players of the week for the casino’s doors, and this precisely because of its high profits. In doing so, make the online casino a really good deal by offering a Mega Fortune free bonuses to their players, as they all too often recur at a later time to play with real money.

The best opportunity for players to be active is when a big jackpot are about to grow. When investing all gaming sites to clean said submerge players into free spins and bonuses for just one of them will win the jackpot. This is to the casino itself does not need to account for the payment of the profit, then it is a progressive jackpot (something we will return to later in the text) and it results in really good PR to distribute such large prize amounts. Check out our bonus page to find a free bonus that suits you. The absolute best deals, you as always with , bonus provider on the Internet.

Mega Fortune tips

A jackpot in the millions is alluring to most, so if you’re like us and want to win, you should read on and get our best Mega Fortune tip. Mega Fortune is a slot that is known for big payouts. It has namely a progressive jackpot where every spin of the machine helps increase the jackpot. Record payments have been known to hit more than 15 million GBP. NetEnt once actually paid out about EUR17.8 million to a 40-year old male from Helsinki in Finland which set the world record for the largest ever casino jackpot win in history, according to the World Record Academy. Will you be the next jackpot winner?

The main thing is actually that you play with all lines active. Mega Fortune has 25 lines, and the more you play, the more chances you have to get to the bonus game. And it is therefore only in the bonus game jackpot can be triggered, therefore it is not worth playing with fewer winning lines. Many believe that one is forced to play with maximum effort in order to win the jackpot, but it is thus not the case. You decide exactly how much you want to bet, so you can play with “trivial” and accidentally trigger the progressive jackpot. However you will have greater chances of winning more money out if you increase the effort, yet it will pay to save as much as possible on each spin if you really just looking for first prize.

Bonuses also can help. Although bonuses often have complicated wagering requirements attached to them, so these will be invaluable when it comes to games on the Mega Fortune. Our best advice is to get the best bonus you find, and then exploit it for what it is worth. This way you might get 100 or 200 spins added, without having to pay for it. Some bonuses are however restrictions on sales of jackpot. So make sure the bonus requirements are like that revenue you make on progressive slots also counts according to the wagering requirement on any bonuses received.

Keep your spirits up. Chances are you’re not going to win the jackpot on Mega Fortune, despite our tips. Should it actually happen, it’s completely random and you can praise you happy. But do not expect you to win and become sour when after 500 spins still have not brought home the winnings, the probability is extremely small.

Some tips on how to win the Mega Fortune jackpot you will not find here, precisely because it does not actively do something about. You just have to play and keep our fingers crossed for that to happen to you. One thing that not many people know is that when you enter the bonus game is your profits already determined by a random generator. When you decide to stop the wheel has no meaning, so you can not train your skills to win this jackpot.

  • For more chances to get to the bonus game you should play with a low coin value. You can win the jackpot regardless of the value that you play with, which is rare among progressive jackpots.
  • With a bonus hand your money and your rounds anymore.
  • Free spins are a good option if you want to play without betting your OOF.
  • Do you just snuggle-play for fun? Then you are already in the right place, here you get to spin as many times as you want!

We wish you a bright and fruitful future and keep our fingers crossed for you to achieve change until the grand prize looming in this slot. Do you want to learn about more games handing out multimillion profits? Then check out our review of the Mega Moolah slot.

In general and to sum up, find the right casino to play at and play with all paylines active. Record low stakes (bigger bets will not increase chances of winning) If you choose a bonus: make sure it has good conditions and that the turnover requirements apply on jackpotKeep your spirits up, have patience and ultimately fun.

Mega Fortune Video Slot Bet Limits

Minimum bet at 25 win lines (bet level 1 + coin value 1 cent) = 0.25 euros.

Maximum bet at 25 win lines (bet level 4 + coin value 50 cents) = 50 euros.

Mega Fortune on mobile

If you prefer to play casino on your tablet or mobile then you are certainly not alone in this. There are increasing numbers who choose to play casino on their mobile device. It’s very easy and you can crawl up in the corner of the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea. Or you can play when you commute by train or similar. You simply have the opportunity to become a millionaire no matter where you are at any time. You have access to good experiences right in your pocket 24 hours a day.

Of course you can play Mega Fortune on your mobile if you want to try your luck. This machine is developed by renowned game developer Net Entertainment and they have developed a mobile version of the game. You can more or less pick any casino you want to play because nearly all online casinos have this machine.

Most online casinos have now Mega Fortune available on smartphones. It has almost become a requirement by casino players to this slot will be available for them to visit online casino. All casinos that offer Mega Fortune Mobile found on our mobile casino site, where we rank them as per our requirements. You can also see the most clicked bonuses further up on this page.

In the current situation, you can not play this slot at if browsing on a mobile phone, but without any problems, you can click through to one of our recommended gaming sites where you can play completely free alternative to play with real money if you have the desire to win real profits. You also get a casino bonus on the purchase so that you have more to play for.

Mega Fortune on Android

Although there are more iPhone users who plays online casino there are very many who choose to play Mega Fortune on Android phones and tablets. The number is growing steadily every day that passes without a doubt is the casino mobile is here to stay.

The freedom to be able to play jackpot games without coercion, without having a static connection or device allows you as a player can take the excitement wherever you want to be. This is something revolutionary like no other generation ever experienced, so take the opportunity to enjoy this opportunity. To get to enjoy a little extra, you should download a free bonus on top of the home page.

Mega Fortune on iPhone & iPad

iPad and iPhone owners who are looking for excitement and big winnings can play with simplicity this magical slot machine. As long as an acceptable Internet can play Mega Fortune on the iPhone and iPad. There is nothing strange at all, but the game itself looks and acts the same way as when you play slots on your computer. The only difference is that the entire screen is covered by the court, which gives the game a great feeling and you would think at one sitting in front of a real Las Vegas slots!

This feeling is further enhanced when you play Mega Fortune on the iPad, because the screen is bigger, the graphics are more detailed, and the sound is powerful. It is also a good springboard for you that is not what to use your phone to play casino. One can say that it is like an intermediate position between playing on the computer and on mobile. All rules and symbols are taken directly from the PC version and you want to start a game round, touching just the screen with your fingers.

Our best tips when you play on your phone or tablet is to use the headphones. The gaming experience can not be compared from using speakers, it really feels like to be a part of the game!

Play Mega Fortune for free

For those who want to play Mega Fortune for free as is the stated possible to collect free spins at several casinos. Some have even locked some of their free spins for precisely this machine that we mentioned earlier. Or you can use your other bonuses to play. It is not only as a new player you will be able to retrieve bonsuer sommedlem at a casino. There are many casinos have loyalty programs. That is to collect points or similar to show that you are a loyal player at the casino. You can for example get points when logging in, when you make a deposit or when you play. When you reach a certain number of points will be able to redeem these and retrieve the bonus you want. Such bonuses can also use to play free.

Our Final Say on Mega Fortune

You can play Mega Fortune at most UK online casino’s including Leo Vegas, Mr Green and BGO.

Mega Fortune Video Slot Game Details

Mega Fortune Features

Mega Fortune Basics

  • Game Type : Flash
  • Software : NetEnt
  • Paylines : 25
  • Progressive : Yes
  • Freespins : Yes
  • Bonus Game : Yes
  • RTP : 97%