MobileFreeSpins has slotsational news to share with UK casino players about Casumo’s new Casumoverse which now live in the UK! What is the Casumoverse I bet you’re thinking!

Well, the Casumoverse in a nutshell according to Casumo is as follows:

The Casumoverse is a series of little lifts in moments of real joy. The casumoverse represents that special feeling of being in one’s element, a feeling of supreme comfort.

These lifts appear around the Casumos (those stylish, quirky, like-minded people who play Casumo casino slots) when they’re having a wicked time in their downtime.

The new Casumoverse Campaign, recently launched in the UK, along with Casumos brand new homepage UK gamblers will adore - so make sure you check out Casumoverse on mobile, tablet or PC this weekend!