Planet of the Apes mobile slot (release date 10/10/2017) is a new casino game Mobile Free Spins UK is very excited about. Not just because we were at the unveiling of the new game from NetEnt at ICE 2017, but because this promises to be the most interesting mobile game of the year from slot game giants NetEnt. This is not an ordinary mobile slot, this is something extra spicy and is sure to attract Planet of the Apes fans to play slots online.

All About Planet of the Apes slot

In keeping with NetEnts US market drive, NetEnt management signed a deal with 20th Century Fox to use of the Planet of the Apes in a slot game. You can count on NetEnts talented game developers to put everything but the kitchen sink into this exciting project. What the end result will be remains to be seen but we are waiting with itchy feet to see the end result. For those of you who do not know or Planet of the Apes nip down to your local DVD store asap before launch!

Basically, Planet of the Apes, the original La Planète des singes, was originally a French novel from 1963 by Pierre Boulle. The book inspired the film of the same name. The first Planet of the Apes film had theatrical release in the United States February 8, 1968. In the UK the planet of the Apes release date was April 12, 1968. A legendary masterpiece by Franklin J. Schaffner, with a bunch of very talented and famous actors.

Astronaut Taylor (Heston) crash landed on a distant planet ruled by apes, where primitive races are used as experimental and pets. Taylor is soon on the run and his fate is in the hands of a friendly chimpanzee! After the first film in 1968 there were a gush of releases – four within 5 years! Recently of course there have been made both series and new adaptations of the cult characters.

Free spins Planet of the Apes slot

The Planet of the Apes slot offers free spins mode. NetEnt’s model tends to lean towards free spins mode on the big games. As soon as we know something concrete with regard to free spins mode on Planet of the Apes we will be the first to write about it here!

Planet of the Apes slot Bonus Game

A bonus game or not? That is the ultimate question with regards to new slots. It would of course be great if we got to see a bonus game on Planet of the Apes slot where you can win a little extra!

Which casinos offer Planet of the Apes slot?

Most major online casinos offering NetEnt games will be able to offer Planet of the Apes slot. In anticipation of the launch of the game, we recommend taking a look at the following casinos with a large selection of games from the world’s top game developers. Play Planet of the Apes slot Online and enjoy Planet of the Apes slot at these Reputable Casinos.

Alternatives to Planet of the Apes slot?

While waiting for the Planet of the Apes slot, we recommend a series of film slots with razor-sharp graphics and great gameplay. Please try Tarzan, a well-made slot with lots of cool features! Step into the role of Tarzan and start the hunt for free spins, bonuses hippo and a lot of other stuff. Or why not make a visit inside the Iron Man 2, a fabulous Marvel slot with great graphics and a lot of cool features.

Planet of the Apes slot on mobile – iPhone, iPad & Android

Most likely NetEnt also release a mobile version of the game in conjunction with the launch. With NetEnt Touch, you get basically the same gameplay as in your PC! The features are the same, and those in the sound and picture are there not much to complain about! A number of large slots from NetEnt is currently available on mobile and tablet.

This is not optimal, it understands enough to all the casino players who are a few years old, but it is the only opportunity available in the current situation. Within a few years we will look back and laugh at how some mobile casino games that were on the market, and then will probably all the games that are currently being developed for touch. The big companies that create Android phones are as always at the track and they will of course ensure that their phones have strong enough performance to meet future casino games for mobiles. What times we have to look forward to!

Play Planet of the Apes for free

For those who want to play Planet of the Apes for free it will possible to collect free spins at several casinos and also try the game in our free slots section. As you are probably aware, there are loads of casinos which have loyalty programs allowing you to collect points as reward for being a loyal player in the casino. You can get points for logging in, when you make a deposit or when you play. When you reach a certain number of points will be able to redeem these and retrieve the bonus you want. Such bonuses can also use to play free on Planet of the Apes slot.

Our Final Say on Planet of the Apes

It seems pretty stupid to give a quick summary of a game that has not yet been launched and does not have teaser screenshots. But this is a big NetEnt release - so expect that we will see something extraordinary. The theme Monkey Planet conjures up both cultivation and class at the same time. Hopefully, NetEnt delivers the goods again and spits out a new award-winning slot with a lot of cool features!

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