The development of mobile slot machines is constantly advancing and UK gamblers get to enjoy increasingly technologically advanced slots, lapping up a free spins bonus or two in the process! Today you will find mobile slots have shifted away from the classic slots with three reels, fruits and berries that were once standard in pubs and clubs - towards playing adventure casino slot games on Android and iPhones.

Both real money and free slots today on mobile look beautiful, and many even come with budgets to make small movie makers wince. Huge development hours go into each new mobile slot and making the slots story unique for gamblers. Generally, it is the new slot developers pushing things forward to the next level. Today provide tips on slots to watch and have written this article about the 3 best looking mobile slot machines 2022 has to offer so far!

Narcos Mexico mobile slot

We are giddy for mobile slots with a proper story for gamblers to enjoy. A top story that is integrated into the slot theme always scores well in our book. Mobile hot shots Red Tiger’s new slot Narcos Mexico on Android and iPhone offers a superb story. The new Narcos slot game comes with one of the most delightful themes we’ve seen in a long time and a killer story to boot.

In the new Narcos slot, the Mexican cartel theme runs consistently throughout the gameplay, and every little detail has really been thought of - everything from the packaged wilds released from a low-flying smuggler’s plane to the bonus game in the slot where cartel bosses fight for territory.

The new Narcos Mexico slot is the official game for the Narcos Mexico TV series on Netflix. The story is focused on the Mexican drug war in the 1980s and follows the true story of the Guadalajara cartel. Visually stunning, the slot has a photorealistic look that is very similar to the Narcos slot by NetEnt which is of course now part of Red Tiger

A glance at the slots reels and you’ll see A, K, Q, J and 10 royals which are black and white. The 4 higher value symbols are represented by the cartel bosses. With the original Narcos slot offering 1,506 x stake max wins, Narcos Mexico offers 10,486 x stake max payouts which is higher. Cartel Spins are key to Winning big. Landing phone and plane symbols drives the stake multiplier values.

Whilst the original Narcos slot game was epic and perhaps closer to the TV series with drive-by shootings featuring heavily, Narcos Mexico offers bigger wins and will appeal to players who value a proper gangster-themed slot with bumper payouts.

Remember Gulag mobile slot

When it comes to next-level mobile slot design, NoLimit City run the show right now. NoLimit City are true pioneers who love dark and rather twisted themes. This new slot revolves around Soviet labor camps in the Gulag which offer something remarkable to slot players of all shapes and sizes.

Rocking a Soviet Army theme, NoLimit’s Remember Gulag slot is based on the Gulag government agency that ran forced labour camps in the Lenin era between 1930s and 1950s. NoLimit City are opening up a can of worms with this slot game which is perhaps the most controversial slot in gaming history!

Enough about the slots controversial theme and a history lesson. Remember Gulag graphics and soundtrack knock the pants off other slots. Everything in Remember Gulag will engage you from when you first load the slot. No other slot game comes close to Remember Gulag which is a fresh new approach and a break away from more mundane Norse mythology slots. The slots soundtrack is the Soviet Union national anthem which makes you feel like you have been plonked in an old war film.

As with other NoLimit City slots, there are other special symbols. Firstly there is the regular Wild symbol which can land on all reels and substitutes for the symbols mentioned above. Then you have the xWays symbol, xNudge Wilds, xSplit Wilds, scatters and split scatters. The classic xSplit feature changes the number of paylines from the basic 720 pieces, up to a full 614 656 pieces. The maximum profit is 30,000 times your bet - so very generous indeed!

Graphically, Remember Gulag impresses with barb wire around the reels. Symbols on the reels include Soviet style A, K, Q, J and 10 royals - making the gameplay like no other slot we have experienced on mobile or PC.

With this new release, NoLimit City have released a dystopian slot based on World War II in this game which is unique in its appearance and brilliantly designed, even though the material might be to edge for some tastes. Overall, Remember Gulag’s simplicity is the slots USP. Our top tip is to watch out for the multipliers in the Gulag Spins which are the key to escaping the brutal conditions imposed on players.

Hex mobile slot

Get ready to cast spells on mobile in Hex slot which is new from Relax Gaming. This exciting new mobile slot from Relax Gaming is for gamblers who like magical themed slots on Android, iPhone, mobile and tablet devices and desktop too.

Played on 5 reels with 243 ways to win initially, Hex offers a superb free spins feature where the slots reels expand to increase the number of ways to win to over a thousand (1024 to be exact). Hex’s free spins keep coming if you land scatters during the bonus round, which can potentially lead to big wins of up to 25,000 x your stake - something truly generous that will tempt slot players to this game not just for the games looks but for the huge payouts the game possesses.

Developed using HTML5 technology, the Hex slot theme has witchcraft at its core with an emphasis on dark arts and black magic. Expect trolls and various scary creatures spinning across this magical slot. Although the Hex the soundtrack is mixed between sinister and cheerful with jolly tones. Everything is spooky sounding before you spin the reels, then Hex switches to upbeat and magical sounds as you click the spin button. The HD graphics are mind expanding while smart and easy gameplay ensures great experiences on small and large mobile screens.

In Hex everything is shrouded in magic, and you experience a magical feeling playing this slot. Hex is visually stunning with reels in front of a room stacked with potions in different colours, bones and spell books to create a creepy atmosphere and take you out of your comfort zone. You’ll find snakes and voodoo dolls on the reels and when the Free Spins feature lands, the music speeds. Hex sounds can be quite nice and melodic, except you’ll see a spooky set of bones, a candle, and a skull floating on the right of the reels!

Hex features snakes and voodoo dolls as well as a chicken’s foot and a goat skull. The goat skull is the most rewarding symbol, paying 2, 4 or 10 x your stake for 3, 4 or 5 in combination. The wild only pays if 5 of them land, but that returns 20 x your stake.

Hex is a highly volatile slot with a return to player rate that’s well above Narcos Mexico or Remember Gulag. Hex RTP sits at 96.43%, which is well above the 96% average for slots online. A thing to note here is that with volatility being really high, big winners will land less frequently than a slot with lower variance. Although decent wins are still very much possible due to the randomness and fairness in places on all slots.

The maximum win is 25,000 x your bet, Your best chance of landing this will be during the Free Spins feature because you can enjoy more and more free spins during the round if you manage to land scatters. Finally, there a 3 bonus features in the Hex slot – the Mystery Reveal feature, the Free Spins feature and the Buy Free Spins feature.

Overall, Hex slot is fun to play despite dark themes of black magic and skulls on the reels. While the Hex base game is pretty enjoyable, it’s all about the Free Spins feature where an extra row comes into play to give you 1024 ways to win. Watch out for the Sorceresses who adds excitement by transforming symbols to make for potentially bigger wins.

Innovative Mobile slots in constant development

It has not been easy to select our top 3 favorites in terms of game design amongst new slots right now. There are many more amazingly beautiful slots that we could mention. And as we write new slot machines are constantly being released on mobile with designs that are visually stunning both in casino Apps and on mobile browsers.

This is the great charm of mobile slots online - award-winning game developers are constantly innovating and finding new ways to make slots even more attractive, in order to offer even better gaming experiences across all devices.

If you are also a fan of mobile slots and would like to read more about this popular game genre, we recommend that you take a look at our page which is about mobile slot games online in the UK.