Today’s players at UK casinos have many choices. They can choose to play on a variety of platforms optimised for mobile gaming. You can select games to play on the computer, mobile phone or tablet. In the majority of cases, it is easy to switch between devices. But there are actually some casino games like slots which do not work mobile phones. We will take a closer look at these here.

The new mobile technology race

All games developed in 2020 are optimised for mobile gaming. It is extremely rare for a gaming company to try to launch a game without giving players the chance to play directly on mobile phone via browser or App. If you look at the statistics, the majority of UK casino players play on mobile phone as their primary device. The benefits of mobile gaming are simple:

  • It’s quick and easy to play. You just need to pick up the phone from your pocket and start the game.
  • You always have access to your games.
  • You can handle everything related to casino gaming directly on your mobile. For example, you can make deposits and withdrawals directly on your mobile.

These slots cannot be played on the mobile

Which games do not work for the mobile then? These are mainly older slots that have not been optimised for mobile phones. When mobile gaming began to become big in 2015 game developers changed their platforms.

It was the Gonzo’s Quest slot from NetEnt that was one of the first truly optimised mobile slot games. This was followed by other casino games for mobile with fully-fledged mobile bonuses and so on. But not all games actually work on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. The games that are missing tend to be slots that were not the smash hits the game developers had hoped for. From a game development point of view, there is no reason to put additional development hours into making games mobile-friendly which were not popular the first time around.

So if you have a slot that you played for a few years, which may not have been a very popular slot (slot popularity is based on turnover by operators) then it is likely this slot will not be suitable for mobile gaming on phone or tablets. You can always tell popular or new slots by looking where they are in the casino library. Slots high in the shop window are the popular slots or the top slots. On the flip side of the coin, unpopular slots will be more hidden and harder to search for in the casino library. These slots, more often than not, won’t be available on mobile.

Live casino on mobile 2020

What about live casino games on mobile? Live casino, like VR or 3D casino, is another modern form of gaming that is becoming increasingly popular on mobile in the UK. With live casino technology, you play live connected to a real dealer at the casino table. Live casino gaming is very real and the gaming experience is on par with being in a real casino. Casinos want to make it feel like you are actually in a real casino.

You can play live games directly on your mobile phone if you have an internet connection. You connect via mobile just as usual and the gameplay looks exactly the same. However, we may find it a bit of a shame to use mobile phones for this type of game. Here it feels very important that the picture quality and sound experience are perfect and they actually get a little better if you play on a larger screen. But as I said, the opportunity to play live is available regardless of the platform.

Technical limitations of mobile slots

Are there any technical limitations that make some slots not work on mobile platforms? No, in 2020 that is not the case. A few years ago, many slots were created in Flash programming language. This might require some special plugins. But mobile tech development has progressed rapidly in the UK and Europe. Today, almost all mobile slots are HTML5 meaning that they are built in the HTML5 language. With this modern technology mobile casino games work perfectly on all types of devices, which means that you do not need to download any special software to play a particular slot. In other words, you have the opportunity to always enjoy your favourite slot directly on your mobile device.

What to do if the game does not work on mobile?

Should you have technical problems when playing mobile casino games you should contact the customer support team at your chosen casino. They are best placed to help you solve any problems with games not working on mobile devices. Often customer support teams are well-positioned to offer mobile casino bonuses like free spins to players who reach out, so it really is worth getting in touch via phone or chat.

Keeping your mobile software up to date for gaming

Of course, it is also important to keep your mobile up to date to be sure that you have the latest software downloaded and installed on your device. The latest software update is available at the touch of a button, all you need is the required storage space for the download. More and more the latest software release is required for playing mobile games the way they were intended to work. Without the latest mobile software installed, the sound and/or picture quality suffers.

In 2020 mobile games, especially slots, are getting more and more advanced. Download mobile updates when prompted and you can enjoy mobile slots in the best way! As we enter a new decade, with a top mobile casino you have the opportunity to claim a casino bonus that is valid on all devices, so you can choose whether you want Free Spins on mobile, computer, or even both.