In the tech-driven UK, more people than ever are playing online casino free spins on mobile phones. Top developers now release mobile casino games, allowing players to get in on the get the same real money gaming experience and free spins bonuses on mobile. Whether you’re relaxing in front of the TV or unwinding on the commute, mobile casinos can be enjoyed from wherever you are – providing you’ve got a compatible device.

Smartphones were built to be phones first and mobile casinos second. But with so many smartphones now mobile casino ready, it can be hard to suss out what are the best mobiles for casino. In this article take a quick look at the best devices for online mobile casino free spins today by getting up close with the latest phone tech.

If you want to buy a new mobile device for real money casino gaming on the go, this is the article for you to read. Below, we explore how to choose the best smartphone for mobile free spins on slots from mobile-friendly casinos online.

IOS v Android devices

Phones for online casino are two a penny, but before you select a mobile for gambling be sure to check the system requirements. Leading mobile slots use HTML5 and will run with phone browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Some slots use Flash, and if they do then make sure your phone has the latest version Flash installed for a smooth gaming experience.

iOS and Android have been the go-to mobile software options for the past decade and, in the UK at least, both remain future-proof front runners. The iOS v Android war could constitute a whole article, but the truth is both are much of a muchness. It is a matter of personal choice, with neither mobile platform better than the other for slots or anything else for that matter.

When you sign up for a free spins bonus it is a good idea to do a software update on your mobile. If you buy an iOS device, make sure it is running the newest iOS version. iOS 10 onwards should allow all new NetEnt slots to run smoothly. If you buy an Android smartphone, go for a device with Oreo. Android Oreo the 8th major release and released to consumers in August 2017.

What you will find is that old iOS and Android operating systems load mobile slots, but you won’t get the same mobile gaming experience as you can get with the latest fancy pants software installed.

Phone Memory (RAM)

Memory RAM is important and so too is the battery when choosing a good mobile for slots and free spin bonuses. Top mobile casinos need 4GB of RAM to run without hick-ups, so buying a mobile device with 4GB of RAM is a good rule of thumb. Think of 4GB of RAM as the minimum requirement needed to spin real money mobile slots. 4GB is sufficient for most people who enjoy FPS games too, so you will have all your bases covered!

Display Screen Definition

Believe it or not, your mobile phone’s screen display is vital for slots. QHD (Quad High Definition) and UHD (Ultra High Definition) mobile phones dominate the space and are both great screen options. QHD and UHD differ in terms of resolution. Ultra-high definition is superior, but quad high definition still plays slots beautifully.

What you find is that the newer IOS phones offer Super Retina XDR display. Apple introduced OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays across the iPhone lineup since the iPhone 12 models. OLED pushes out a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio for blacker blacks and brighter whites, and up to 1200 nits peak brightness for HDR viewing.

When reaching for a mobile for slots, the most important thing to remember is that the more pixels the screen displays, the sharper the slot’s graphics will look.

Battery life

Your mobile’s battery life is often overlooked and is very important if you like to spin high-definition slots on your phone. If you’re used to playing slots on a desktop PC you will be used to plugging in your device to charge you are running low on power. But with mobile casinos, you can very quickly run into difficulty - especially when you are out and about for long periods of time.

Because battery life is more important than ever, you will find it displayed as a key part of the sales package. Newer iOS and Android devices tend to have a great battery life, so you won’t miss out when enjoying a free spins bonus on mobile slots.


Today, you do not need a full guide on how to choose the best mobile to play slots online. Remember, when it comes to mobile casino and free spin bonuses, the most important things to consider are very simple and easy to grasp. Choosing a device that excels in the areas covered in this article will ensure winning gameplay. Our final word on new mobile phones to gamble on is - shy away from battery life at your peril! This comes from personal experience. Enjoy.