PlayFrank are taking February by storm. The PlayFrank casino gurus have got some banging new casino promotion offers. Like with all new months at PlayFrank you’ll be kept on edge of your mouse or mobile device as you work your way through the casino challenges thrown at you in order to unlock some great rewards. The name leaves us a little uninspired, lets be honest the name PlayFrank is hardly lighting up the sky, but in terms of monthly casino promotions this clever little everymatrix powered casino really goes the extra mile…

Two new casino offers await you in February at PlayFrank – Groundhog Days and King of Blackjack.

Play any of the selected slots (please refer to PlayFrank website re eligible slots) between today 31st January and 2nd February. When you win cash on these certain slot games, the PlayFranks mascots will rain free spins all over the shop – maxing your winnings.

Here are the amounts you can win at PlayFrank on the groundhog days promo:

  • Win £€1 – 10 free spins added
  • Win £€30 – 20 free spins added
  • Win £€100 – 50 free spins added

PlayFrank is setting the sky on fire with BlackJack. Do you like BJ? If so, PlayFrank has you in mind between 4th February and 5th February. During these dates, if you play any Blackjack game from the live casino or table games and you happen to be the player who reaches a certain amount of wins first PlayFrank will reward you with cash back amounts worthy of a prince!

How to play and win at PlayFrank BJ:

  • 20% cashback up to £€2000 – on net losses over the weekend for the 1stwinner of 500 wins on BlackJack
  • 10% cashback up to £€2000 – on net losses over the weekend for the 1stwinner of 100 wins on Blackjack
  • 5% cashback up to £€2000 – on net losses over the weekend for all players who attain 100 wins on Blackjack

To sum up, Groundhog Days will get you spinning reels on slots whilst the other, King of Blackjack, is a Blackjack-related quest where you can win big cash back.

PlayFrank Conclusion

February is a good time to sign up at PlayFrank. As you can see the casino is passionate about video slots and BlackJack. Expect bags of free spins and cash back offers on mobile/desktop/tablet

Pop over to PlayFrank this February and join the 2017 monthly promo shizzle!