Real money mobile casinos are new in the UK. The first UK casinos online in the form of desktop sites are 20 years old. In the nineties, gamblers in the UK welcomed the first casinos online. But it took quite a few years before these online slots and betting on sports had a real impact on British society. Today, the best real money online casinos are built for mobile and desktop and offer casino games such as slots which are compatible with all devices. But which casino solution is best? Are mobile casinos really better than desktop sites in the UK?

Mobile Casino sites and mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphone handsets are more popular than ever before. NetEnt Touch slots, which were the first truly great mobile slot games in the UK, today face fierce competition from mobile developers Play n GO along with Push Gaming and Relax.

Old phone casinos and new mobile casinos

The UK’s early mobile casinos were clumsy. Mobile connectivity was slow and reliant on 2G and 3G. The first mobile casino games to hit British shores lent themselves to more casual-style entertainment. The reason being was that the technology simply wasn’t available to deliver quality slots on mobile. Old phone handsets made games difficult to navigate, slot games were slow and the number of games was limited.

Luckily, UK mobile casinos today are a world away from the old phone casinos Nokia’s early adopters remember. Today’s UK gamblers are faced with complex choices and expect entertaining graphics and demand big jackpot slot titles. Each new slot game release seems to offer advanced features built for the latest phones from Apple and Samsung. Just look at the spec of new Apple handsets like the iPhone 13 which runs on iOS which is more advanced than most good laptops ten years ago!

New mobile casinos in the UK are fast, a dream to navigate, and offer more slots on mobile than you can shake a stick at. If you remember the early 2000 Nokia mobiles loved in Britain, you will understand why the latest real money mobile casino technology is a new phenomenon.

Today in the UK, mobile casino/betting sites offer the number 1 way to gamble. UK players prefer mobile gameplay to playing PC casinos on desktop computers or laptops by a long chalk.

But what are the differences between the old classic casinos developed specifically for computers (which today resemble dinosaurs) and mobile casino disruptors in the form of real money Apps? Continue to read this article to find out all the details…

Casino slots on mobile vs casinos for PC

Most new casinos look different - both on computer and mobile Apps. Each casino’s branding is designed to be different and stand out in a crowded UK market. Also, how casinos perform is very different indeed if you know what to look for under the hood.

One thing you might notice is that online casinos you play from PC computer have a better range of games than a mobile casino from the same player. This is not to incentivise you to play casino slots from your computer. Instead, it’s about game development and to understand it you must know the history of casino online.